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In search of God
a film by Pawel Rokicki


The reason for entering a monastery and the reason for staying in it – these are two different things
– Br Simon Piatkowski OSB, film’s main character

“This film gives us a genuine impression of what a journey monastic life is”
– Dom Xavier Perrin OSB, Abbot of Quarr Abbey

“Informative and exquisitely shot, the film gives an insight into the dedication of monastic life, which Rokicki captures in a truly authentic manner”
– Christopher Court,  documentary filmmaker

Seeing this film: if I weren’t already a monk of Pluscarden, I’d definitely want to become one…
– Dom Benedict Hardy OSB, Prior and Novice Master at Pluscarden Abbey

Striking combination of grandeur of the setting and humility of the people
– Ed Scolding, composer

Watch the story of one man’s quest to find God.

This is an independent film created with no external funding. If you enjoy it, please consider making a donation.