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Is it truly possible to find God in a medieval Benedictine monastery?

Why would anyone become a Catholic monk?

What does it actually mean to pray?

This short documentary explores those questions by telling a story of Br Simon Piatkowski OSB and his quest to find God. The film offers a few glimpses on the life of a Catholic monk at Pluscarden Abbey in Scotland.

Br Simon is originally from Poland. He received his M.A degree in management from Warsaw University (Poland) and his Ph.D. in philosophy from University of Essex (UK). Then in 2009 he joined the Benedictine community at Pluscarden.

The film was shot throughout a number of years starting from the time when Br. Simon was in his novitiate until the time when he permanently joined the community via his solemn profession.

Pluscarden Abbey is the only medieval British monastery still being used for its original purpose. If you want to know more about Pluscarden Abbey please visit this website.


Music – courtesy of Pluscarden Abbey

Psalm 148 – Lauds of the Transfiguration and Sunday Compline, Gregorian Chant from Pluscarden Abbey

Alleluia: “Ego Vos Elegi De Mundo” – A Liturgy For St. Columba, Gregorian Chant from Pluscarden Abbey


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This film was created by Pawel Rokicki. You can contact the author here.